Dr. Catherine Bearce Nowak

Dr. Catherine Bearce Nowak

Dr. Catherine Nowak is the Clinical Director of The Feingold Center at Boston Children’s Hospital – Waltham, MA. Dr. Nowak received her medical degree from McGill University. Following her pediatric internship and residency at University of Massachusetts Medical Center, she completed a fellowship in Clinical Genetics and Birth Defects at The Franciscan Children’s Hospital with Dr. Feingold. She was a Clinical Geneticist at The National Birth Defects Center for several years and then went on to become the Chief of the Genetics Division at UMASS Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, MA. She returned in 2006 to The Feingold Center for Children as the Clinical Director.  Dr. Nowak is also the director of the Mother-to-Baby Massachusetts program which ensures that the public and non-genetic physicians have access to information aimed at preventing environmental exposures, medication and drugs that could be harmful to a developing baby.  Dr. Nowak is Board Certified in Clinical Genetics.

Jessica L. Douglas, MS, CGC

Ms. Jessica Douglas has a Masters in Genetic Counseling from Brandeis University. She is board certified by the American Board of Genetic Counselors and licensed in the state of Massachusetts. She has 20 years of experience in the field of genetics and has been practicing in the field of genetic counseling since 2004. Ms. Douglas is available to help patients and their families with their genetic questions and help facilitate testing and support. She provides genetic counseling to adults regarding personal and family medical histories as well as pre-conceptual concerns.

Patricia Markland-Cole, MPH

Ms. Patricia Markland-Cole is the Program Coordinator for the MothertoBaby Massachusetts program. She obtained her BS degree in Biology from Simmons College in Boston, MA and her MPH in Maternal and Child Health from Boston University School of Public Health.  She has been the serving the families of New England as a teratogen counselor since 2001 and provides oversight for the day-to-day functions and outreach of the program as well as education for graduate students and other professionals.  She is currently serving as a member of the Board of Directors for OTIS (Organization of Teratology Information Specialists) that provides national oversight of the MothertoBaby programs in the United States.  She is also a member of the Research, Education and Marketing Committees for OTIS.

Jenny Lauck

Ms. Jenny Lauck is the Intake and Triage Coordinator for The Feingold Center.  She obtained her BS in Biology from Simmons College.  She pursued graduate-level coursework in genetic counseling at Brandeis University. Ms. Lauck provides assistance with care coordination and patient advocacy.  She has been with the Center for 11 years.