Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling is offered to prospective parents who are concerned about the possibility of genetic diseases occurring in their children. Patients who may benefit from genetic counseling include:

  • Those wishing to discuss a condition for which they have a family history
  • Couples who already have a child with a genetic condition and have questions or concerns regarding recurrence risks
  • Those who belong to a specific ethnic group in which there is a higher incidence of certain genetic disorders
  • Those who have positive results on a routinely-offered prenatal screening
  • Women who will be 35 years of age or older at the time of delivery
  • Parents who have concerns about exposures to medications, drugs, chemicals, or other potentially teratogenic agents during pregnancy
  • Couples dealing with infertility or multiple pregnancy losses
  • Couples who would like pre-conceptual counseling before pursuing pregnancy either naturally or via reproductive technology
Genetic Counseling